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VeroRoutes - USA Coverage / DEMO


 Real-world flight routes database

VeroRoutes - USA Coverage


Real-world flight routes database

Flight plans Search Console

Quantity of flight plans updated daily


Number of days flight plans are stored

24 hours

ARTCC en-route flight tracking


Delivery of CPDLC messages




(*): flight plans departing from KDAB


10 days


  • Specifications:

    Search Console: aprox. 30,000 real-world flights updated daily.
    Coverage: US Airspace.
    Flight plans include:
    - Filed and cleared flight plans.
    - Amendment to routes
    - Departure runway and gate/parking
    - D-ATIS for departure and arrival at flight time
    - SID and STARs procedures used.
    - Squawk code.

    There are a number of filtering options to retrieve flight plans:
    - Departure or arrival airport,
    - Flight callsign or airline,
    - Flight duration or distance,
    - Type of aircraft,
    - Flight diverted or with holding instructions.

    Historical of flight plans stored up to 10 days.

    Simulation of ARTCC en-route flight control when executing a flight plan, via CPDLC messages.

    ARTCC network based on 20 virtual centers in the US airspace, with their 500 sectors and real-world frequencies and based on the Hoppie network.
    Tracking of the aircraft position via ADS-C messages, using a provided plugin module.

    Delivery of the following type of CPDLC messages during en-route:
    - Amendments of route,
    - Squawk code changes,
    - Altitude changes,
    - Handoff to to oher ARTCC centers,
    - Hold instructions,
    - Flight plan pre-clearance (PDC) and Route Clearance

    Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, FSX, X-Plane.

    Aircraft compatibility: any CPDLC-equipped-aircraft compatible with Hoppie network. Please  check FAQs section for details of current models tested with VeroRoutes.

    For aircraft not equipped with a CPDLC display, a custom gauge is available at Hoppie website. See FAQs for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What functionality is available on the DEMO version?

User can test the full product functionality on the demo version. Flight plans are restricted to flights in the las 24 hours.

The delivery of CPDLC messages during en-route is limited to flight routes departing KDAB (Daytona Beach).

How to setup my flight simulator to connect to VeroRoutes ARTCC network and start receiving en-route messages?

Install the VeroRoutes plugin module, available here:
Right-click with the mouse, and open the settings window.
Enter your username at FSAerodata and the Hoppie logon code. New users can register here: register Hoppie ACARS
IMPORTANT: when registering, select FSAD (FSAerodata) as Network affiliation.
On the airplane, verify it is enabled to receive CPDLC messages and the Hoppie logon code has been entered.
At gate, before departure, when available on the selected aircraft, you may request PDC (Pre-departure clearance) or Clearance request. Check the aircraft user's manual for more details on the workflow to follow.
Before takeoff, connect to VeroRoutes ARTCC network using the notification option in the ATC menu, entering the 4-digit callsign of the ARTCC center that is controlling the airspace at departure airport. The info is available on the Search console flight plan details.
After departure, the ARTCC center should start delivering messages as in the real-life flight during the en-route phase.

How to select the correct display format of the CPDLC messages?

The messages delivered to the user can be optimized depending on the type of display available on the aircraft.
They can be selected by opening the settings window on the VeroRoutes plugin module. Two options are available:
- Aircraft equipped with Airbus DCDU (Datalik Display Unit), select this option.
-Aircraft using a Display Unit type Boeing (MCDU), or the custom gauge providd by Hoppie ACARS.

What is the maximum number of simultaneous logins?

The maximum number of devices/browsers connected simultaneously is limited to 2. 

My aircraft has no CPDLC display. Is there any alternative?

For people with an aircraft not equipped with a CPDLC display, an installer is available.  The client uses a custom MCDU gauge as pilot interface. All interaction with the system, both for dispatch and for ATC, runs via the MCDU.

Link to the installer and instatllation instructions: Hoppie ACARS Client

What payments do you accept?

You can pay with PayPal using your PayPal account or your own credit card. The transaction is secure and hosted by PayPal servers.

Where can I find further instructions?

Additional support can be found on our support forum

What aircraft models can receive CPDLC messages from VeroRoutes?

Any CPDLC-equipped aircraft that supports the Hoppie ACARS network, should be compatible with VeroRoutes.

The following types have been tested during development:
FlyByWire A32NX for MSFS, Aerosoft A330 for Prepar3D.

For those aircraft not having a CPDLC display, a custom gauge simulating a Display unit type Boeing (MCDU) is available on Hoppie ACARS website.

Real-world routes and navigation data for flight simulation


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