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FSX All VOR's gone !

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Guus Dekker

FSX All VOR's gone !

Post by Guus Dekker »

After 1 hour I had to return to the "Good Old" FSX data base from 2005 .....
All my VOR's are not visable anymore. In LittleNavMap they are !
What can I do ?!

Guus Dekker, Belgium.
Bruce R

Re: FSX All VOR's gone !

Post by Bruce R »

Open up your scenery folder and make sure;


are all ticked

Bruce R
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Re: FSX All VOR's gone !

Post by fsaerodata »

Hello, sorry for the delay in my reply:
Please have a look to our FAQs section - Item "Navaids or Approaches are not available on GPS, map or when tuning ILS/VOR ?"

It could be a damaged download, or installation. Please try the following steps:
-Disable and re-enable the database and check if the navaids are available, check files and entries are acc. the FAQs.
-If still doesn't work, disable the database.
-Download the cycle file and check the file size matches the values depicted on the release notes section.
-Re-install the cycle and enable the database, and verify the results.

If still it's not working, please activate the logging options (see FAQs) and send a sample of log section for further analysis,

Jose L. Rubio / FSAerodata
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