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Can't download cycle 2107

Posted: Sun Aug 08, 2021 7:50 pm
by Jerrymc3
When I click on Unlock and Download I get an error message that says: Subscription expired at fsAerodata or incorrect cycle entered; if subscription is expired, please renew at fsAerodata to have access to latest cycle. My Purchase date: 14:28:55 Apr 25, 2021 PDT. I also got a message saying I needed to disable a popup blocker. I disabled Norton 36o Antivirus and Firewall but that didn't help.


Re: Can't download cycle 2107

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2021 3:02 pm
by fsaerodata
Hello, your subscription expired on cycle 2106.

Re: Can't download cycle 2107

Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2021 6:33 pm

is it possible to get the "old" NavCycles some how, my subscription (3 month) ended June 2021...

I cannot find them on my computer

It is possible to buy a new 3 month subscr. because you stop beeing in business ??

Re: Can't download cycle 2107

Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2021 11:07 am
by fsaerodata
Old cycles are not available, sorry. You may still purchase the current and last cycle 2112, though.