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Cycle 1907 released

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Cycle 1907 released

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AIRAC cycle:
-Revision of ARTCC airspace sectors structure for France and Poland, acc. latest real-world data.
-Correction of some ARTCC agent names in France airspace.
-Fixed issue on ARTCC Switzerland where there was a gap on some of the UIR corridors.
-Added Visual Reporting Points (VRP) for Australia and New Zealand (>1,800 waypoints added).
-Fixed issue with disapearing AI traffic on some airports where the stock airport coordinates do not match the current real world data.

Please download the latest revision from your account,

Cycle can be downloaded from your account on
Subscription can be purchased here:
File size: 34,917,604 bytes
MD5: A751CBC6339D6A03F11A9D44EFBE024D
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