Introducing VeroRoutes, the most detailed collection of
real-world flight routes and
en-route CPDLC simulation

A new dimension of realism in flight simulation.

Simplify your flightsim planning with thousands of realistic flight routes while receiving any route changes during enroute

To keep the flying experience as realistic as possible, VeroRoutes provides several flightplan-related data, trying to mimic the real-life conditions.
1 - During the dispatch planning, the service displays the filed, cleared, and executed route, together with several other data, like runway and parking, squawk code, alternative en-route, and arrival aerodromes.
2 - During the en-route phase, the service delivers, via CPDLC, any messages related to flight plan changes, as were reported during the real-life flight.

With a massive amount of 36,000 new ready-to-use flightplans per day, there endless possibilities where to fly.

Coverage includes the USA at product launch followed by the European Region afterward.

Flight Routes in the last 10-days


Departure/Arrival Airports 


Airline Flights


Search of flight routes between a specific airport pair, flight number or A/C type

Detailed description of the route

Included are the route proposed by the pilot/airline, the route finally filed, the route cleared by the ATC dispatch center, including any changes in the route originally planned.

The system can issue Clearance Delivery either via PDC or directly on the FMS unit via Data-link CPDLC.

For those looking to filter flights based on various parameters, there are several options available: airport, airline, aircraft type and model, distance, duration,...

Thousands of real-world flights routes from last 24 hours, 7 days.

FSAerodata collects and processes millions of data from service providers like FAA and Eurocontrol, showing the relevant data to flight planning.

Currently, 36,000 new flight routes are available each day in the USA. They include general aviation, cargo, and airline flights.
After the addition of the European region, the total number will reach 50,000/day.
Whether you are planning a quick hop on a Cessna or trying a long-haul route on a Boeing 777, there are countless routes to select.

Executed vs. filed route

Most of the scheduled flights do not follow the filed route. VeroRoutes is the first product for flight simulation to offer the real-flight trajectory, ready to be used with your preferred dispatch tool.

Integration with CPDLC, ACARS

Pre-Delivery Clearance (PDC) message is available on our Search Console. Additionally, the PDC message can be sent via ACARS to your FMS unit.

Our service is compatible with CPDLC. When connected to the flight simulator, it offers the option to work as an ATC center by delivering messages related to changes on the flight plan during the enroute phase. They are delivered via Data Link CPDLC directly to the FMS on your CPDLC-compatible aircraft in the flight simulator.

Clearance Delivery and Enroute Communications via CPDLC

VeroRoutes provides during en-route navigation, flight plan related messages to the aircraft via CPDLC messages. They simulate the exact messages received by the pilot from ARTCC during the real-life flight.

It simulates CPDLC, ACARS, PDC, Telex, and ADS-C capabilities using the Hoppie tool. The following services are currently available:

- PDC report including D-ATIS for the departure airport.

- Clearance Delivery: file a flight plan selected from our database.

- Enroute communications: delivers changes to the original route, squawk code changes, ATC handoffs, altitude changes, hold instructions,...

- Tracking of the aircraft position via ADS-C: used for the en-route communications.

The delivery of the messages to the user is carried out using a virtual network of the 20 ARTCC centers in the US airspace, with their 500 sectors and real-world frequencies, developed by FSAerodata and based on the Hoppie network.

Our virtual ATC simulates those changes to the flight plan that was reported in the real-life flight and delivers them directly to the FMS.

Real-world routes and navigation data for flight simulation


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